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Cub Scout Pack 533
(Cypress, Texas)
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Pack 533 Events and Activities are Fully Manned

In an effort to make sure all Pack 533 Events and Activities are FULLY manned by families in our Pack, we have created the below two charts. The first chart is for flag ceremoney duties and the 2nd chart is for Event Helpers duties for each Pack 533 event we run.

It is the responsibility of each and every family to help our Pack, Den, Pack Leaders, Den Leaders and especially Chairs with each and every Pack 533 events! So please take a monument and write down the months and/or events that your scout son's rank family is responsible for. All Den Leaders; please remind your parents during your ongoing Den Meetings which month(s) and Events is coming up and their corresponding responsibility to help our Pack.

If one month prior to an event and there is not enough help or support from families of that corresponding scout rank then the event may be cancel at the discretion of the event Chair and Pack 533 Committee. If an event is in fact cancelled then a regular Pack 533 Meeting will take its place.

Pack 533 Leadership

Flag Ceremony Duty by Scout's Rank for Each Month

Den Leaders will train, support and lead their Scouts on the opening and closing flag ceremony for all Pack 533 Meetings and Events. Den Leaders, make sure to practice the flag ceremony with your Scouts during your regular Den Meetings.

One Den Leader will be at the mic in front of the Pack with the speaking Scout helping that Scout address the Pack and the other Assist. Den Leader will help the Colorguard advance the flags.

When there are two Dens with the same ranks for that month, then both Dens will combine and do the flag ceremony together. Colorguard (scouts doing the flag ceremony) and their Den Leaders will arrive 10 minutes prior to the Pack Meeting or Event so they can practice walking down the colors (flags).

The Tigers and Wolves ranks need to do an out door flag ceremony for their rank achievement so they are assigned both campout flag ceremony duties.


Scout Rank

Flag Ceremony


 Webelo II

Pack Meeting


Webelo I

Pack Meeting



Camp Out



Pack Meeting



Pinewood Derby


Webelo I

 Blue and Gold Banquet



Cake Bake


Tiger Camp Out


 Bear Crossover

Event Helpers Duty by Scout's Rank

The Chairs for each Pack 533 Events will contact the below families of scout rank for help and support with corresponding events. Chairs, you can get family contact information from (check your email for login and password to ScoutTrack website). Chairs make sure to starting getting help from at least 2 to 3 parents (or more parents for big events like Blue and gold) and 2 to 3 months ahead of event deadline. Chairs contact the Den Leaders, Cubmasters and/or Committee Chair if are you lacking in support. Families please responde quickly and helpfully to our Chairs when they contact you to act as Event Helpers for their events. Being a part of Pack 533 means each of us will step up and do our part to "Help the Pack Go!"

Scout Rank

Event Duty

All Pack Members

Popcorn Sales; Fall Campout; Spring Campout; Scout Fair; Coupon Book Sales; Summertime Activities; Daycamp

Pack Leaders

Fall Rally Night; First Pack Meeting/Parent Orientation; Spring Rally Night

Webelo II

Pushmobile; Christmas Tree Pickup

Webelo I

Scouting for Food; Crossover Ceremony


Uniform Inspection; Blue and Gold Banquet


Pinewood Derby Race; Scout Fair Coupon Books


Christmas Party; Cake Bake Auction

The Pack 533 Committee will re-balance the above Event Duty chart annually and make any changes where necessary based on the amount of Scouts in each Rank. Ranks with the most Scouts in them should handle the most demanding Pack 533 Events.