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Cub Scout Pack 533
(Cypress, Texas)
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Pack 533's Operating Budget

Cub Scout Pack 533 and Boy Scouts of America are totally non-profit organizations. Pack 533 is totally parent run; therefore we need your help! There are no paid personnel running Pack 533. All costs for running Pack 533 come from our dues and from the below listed four (3) annual fundraisers. An integral part of scouting is that the boys should help pay for the Pack's activities themselves; this is done through their efforts in fundraising.

Pack 533's Annual Fundraisers:
  • BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Popcorn Sales (we get 33% of sales)
  • SHAC (Sam Houston Area Council) Scout Fair Coupon Book Sales (we get 30% to 40% of sales)
  • Pack 533's Annual Cake Bake Auction (we get 100% of this money)
Pack 533's Annual Numbers:
  • Averages about 40 to 60 Scouts per year
  • Average unit cost per Scout is about $300
  • Total annual operating budget os about $10,000
  • Annual Membership Dues only account for roughly 50% of the total operating budget
  • Annual fundraisers make up the other 50% of the operating budget

So parents, it is vital that we all share in and help with all fundraising events to fully fund the Pack. Families are expected to help their Scouts with fundraising in the "Spirit of Scouting."

BSA's How Scouting is Funded Link

Pack 533's Annual Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues:

  • $125 Annual Membership Dues per Scout to register
  • This fee covers 50% of each Scout's annual expenses
  • The remaining half of Scout expenses will be raised through Pack sponsored fundraisers such as Popcorn Sales, Coupon Book Sales, and Cake Bake

Annual Membership Dues Pay For:

  • BSA's (Boy Scouts of America) Registration Fee of $24
  • BSA's (Boy Scouts of America) Accident Insurance Fee $1
  • BSA's (Boy Scouts of America) Boy's Life Magazine $12
  • Pack 533's Unit Charter Fee, Leaders registration fee, insurance and training
  • Scout's Neckerchief, Slide and Handbook (next year at the Crossover/Graduation Ceremony); Scouts joining our Pack the first time will provide their own Neckerchief, Slide and Handbook.
  • Advancement supplies such as ranks, patches and belt loops
  • Award supplies like pins, patches and trophies (for pushmobile and pinewood derby)
  • Pinewood Derby Car and Regatta Boat for each Scout
  • Crafts, events, activity supplies and refreshments
  • Rental halls, pool party facility and lifeguards, and other venues
  • Ongoing ancillary cost like storage facility, paper, printing, etc...

Pack 533's Campout Fees

Campout Fees:

  • Campout fees are not part of the Annual Membership Dues because it is an optional activity
  • Campout fees for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Campouts range from $20- $45 per family depending on the location
  • Campout fee collection DEADLINE is one month piror to each campout
  • No campout fees will be accepted after the DEADLINE is passed
  • In the event of a Campout cancellation due to weather, the deposit less $5 cancellation fee will be refunded to families at their request. 
  • At some State Parks there is a small entrance fee to be paid by each family when first entering the park
Campout Fees Pay For:
  • One campout slip that will be shared by two Pack 533 families
  • One campout parking spot that will be shared by two Pack 533 families (there is room for two vechicles)
  • Electrical hookup (at most parks)
  • Water hookup (at almost all parks)

Pack 533's Tee-Shirt

Pack 533's has a custom T-shirt for our Scouts to wear.

Cost for Pack 533's T-shirt is $15 and can be paid for at Fall Recruitment Night to our Pack Treasurer. Please make sure to buy our Pack 533's T-shirt during Recruitment Night because there is no guarantee that extras will be available after the order is placed. 

This is a Class "B" Scout uniform and is not appropriate for all Scouting functions.  Ask your Den Leader if you are not sure to wear the Class "A" (official BSA uniform) or Class "B" (Pack 533's T-shirt).